Spicy Boiled Shrimp

Over the years, I have experimented with alternative spices which led to the development of my own version of boiled shrimp – Yankee style. So, in honor of our Nation’s 240th year of Independence, the Statue of Liberty’s 130th birthday and the 30th anniversary of the beginning of my catering career, I share with you now my version of boiled shrimp. Enjoy!

-Two (2) 2 lb. bags frozen, deveined but shell on shrimp (no smaller than 26-30 count per pound)
-Four (4) whole ears raw fresh corn – each ear cut into 4 pieces
-Three (3) whole large lemons
-One (1) lb. bite sized red potatoes (or fingerling potatoes) the smaller the better, skins on
-One (1) large yellow onion, skin removed
-1/4 cup freshly ground sea salt
-2 tbs. Tabasco sauce
-2 whole bay leaves
-5 tbs. Old Bay seasoning
-3 tbs. coriander seeds
-2 tbs. cayenne pepper
-1 tbs. dried garlic flakes
-1 tbs. dried onion flakes
-1 tbs. ground cumin
-1 tbs. dry mesquite flavoring
-1 tsp. dried dill
-1 tsp. red chili pepper flakes
-1 tsp. freshly black peppercorns

-Thaw the shrimp
-Fill a large stock pot with 16 cups of water
-Cut the lemons into quarters add to pot
-Make sure skin is removed, cut the onion into quarters, add to pot
-Add the salt, Tabasco and all of the dried spices
-Cover and bring to a rolling boil – making sure not to allow it to boil over
-Add the potatoes stir, cover and bring to boil, then uncover allowing potatoes to cook for 5 minutes
-Then add the shrimp and the corn, stir, cover and bring to rolling boil, then uncover and cook for 5 minutes
-Then turn off the stove, cover the pot and allow to sit 5 more minutes
-Pour into a large colander in the sink to drain all of the liquid, discard bay leaves, onions and lemons
-Place the shrimp, potatoes and corn in one large bowl or platter and serve immediately “as is” or with cocktail sauce.

Makes six (6) servings