Live at The Moth – September 16, 2020

Join Angela LIVE for this one-time only, online streamed event, “Close Encounters: The Moth Live streamed from Green-Wood Cemetery.

The only way to access the show is to watch it live, Wednesday, September 16, 2020, at 6:15 PM.

This is LIVE.
There will be no recording online.
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Join us as four beloved Moth storytellers share true stories, told live against the landscape of the historic and beautiful Green-Wood Cemetery.  In a first-of-its-kind show for The Moth, this virtual Mainstage will be live streamed from Green-Wood as you – the audience – watch from the comfort of your home.

Join The Moth for a special virtual Mainstage livestreamed from the historic Green-Wood Cemetery. In a first-of-its-kind show for The Moth, attendees will watch from the comfort of their homes as four beloved Moth storytellers share true stories told live against the beautiful backdrop of Green-Wood Cemetery.

Please note: As this event will be livestreamed outside, in case of rain the show will be held the following day, Thursday, September 17th.

Close Encounters:
The Moth Livestreamed from Green-Wood Cemetery

 6:15 PM EDT | Virtual Doors Open 6:30 PM EDT | Stories Begin

Hosted by:

Tara Clancy

Stories by: 

Dion Flynn

Flash Rosenberg

Devan Sandiford

Angela Derecas Taylor

Directed by: Catherine Burns, Jenifer Hixson, Michelle Jalowski and Sarah Austin Jenness

Executive Producer: Sarah Haberman

Produced by: Michelle Jalowski and Chloe Salmon

US Time Zone Conversion

EDT – 6:15 PM Open | 6:30 PM Start

CDT – 5:15 PM Open | 5:30 PM Start

MDT – 4:15 PM Open | 4:30 PM Start

PDT  – 3:15 PM Open | 3:30 PM Start

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A livestream link will be sent to all ticket holders on the day of the show