At Your Service

[heading subtitle=”At Your Service” title=”An American Dream”]It takes a Greenwich Village

A native New Yorker, born into a family of restaurateurs, Angela Derecas Taylor realized at a young age that there was a whole world beyond the boundaries of Manhattan Island. A child of divorce, Angela bounced between the secretive, old-world immigrant ways of her mother’s family and the laid-back, permissive lifestyle adopted by her father in the 1960s. In At Your Service: An American Dream, Angela shares stories of her growing up and striking out on her own. With both humor and devastating honesty, she recounts the highlights of her career and her personal life – a journey filled with obstacles, heartbreaks and triumphs encountered on her path toward inner peace and purpose.


“Powerful, moving, captivating! Four stars! And that is just on the promotional flyer!!!”
— Jill Casey Drum, 20 year Facilitator of “The Real Book Club”, Greenlawn, NY