About Angela

Angela was born and raised in 1960’s Greenwich Village and is a graduate of Hofstra University. For twenty years she traveled extensively and lived in all corners of the United States mainland, Hawaii and the Caribbean while pursuing her career in catering and event planning on private luxury yachts, in grand resorts and historic hotels including the Waldorf-Astoria. Shortly after 9/11, she left the hospitality industry to settle down in New Rochelle where she resides with her family and works as the executive aide and community relations advisor to the mayor.

Angela’s short story “Crazy Joe” was published in the 2011 edition of the Westchester Review. She recently launched a blog and often attends open mic events where she shares her stories of overcoming adversity to live the “normal” suburban life she dreamed of as a child. Currently, she is writing a book about the murder of her grandmother.