Sixteen Years Ago Today the World Lost a Beautiful Person

An original water color by Peter V. Zullo

Sixteen years ago on Memorial Day Monday you left this earth sweet Peter. And I miss you every day. You were a veteran of the US Navy and although you didn’t die in combat, I do think of you as someone who died in service to humanity. I think about how you lived with AIDS for twenty years – how you cared for so many sick and dying friends in the 1980’s & 1990’s – how you volunteered in clinical trials for AZT and all of the crazy drug cocktails to try to find a cure for the virus – how you never thought you would see the year 2000 but you did at least for a few months. I remember you those final days under hospice care in your little cottage, surrounded by those who you loved and who love you still – how you remained defiant till the end – determined to live every ounce of your wonderful life possible before giving in to the pancreatic cancer that took you so quickly. I miss the fact that my children have missed knowing you in person. I feel sad that you died just before being able to witness the fruits of your many years of activism and advocacy for LGBT rights. I miss your laugh. I miss your shoulder to cry on. I miss your joy, your love of nature, your sense of adventure, the funny way you danced. I miss your sarcasm. I miss your spirit. I miss your love. Thus I keep you in my heart always. Rest in peace sweet brother.