Happy Birthday in Spirit Sweet Brother Peter

On May 30 I posted about the 16th Anniversary of my brother, Peter’s death after being a long term AIDS survivor – and that was back in the day when not too many people were “surviving”. Had he not died just shy of his 56th birthday, my brother Peter would have turned 72 years old today. I was at the ‪#‎LOFTLGBTCenter‬ Pride event last Saturday promoting ‪#‎YofiFest‬ and came across a number of exhibitors who were providing information about how to stay healthy and stop the spread of HIV/AIDS.

Throughout his 20+ years of dealing with the onset on AIDS, helping dozens of friends die, dealing with his own guilt depression at “not dying” and then making himself a guinea pig for experimental drugs, he did ultimately die way before his time. I recognize that there are many medications now and many people are “living” with AIDS – but please realize that AIDS did not go away – and people are still contracting, spreading and dying from AIDS.