Finding Yia Yia

[heading subtitle=”Finding Yia Yia” title=”A Greek Tragedy”]Because 80 years is long enough to keep a secret More than three quarters of a century after the brutal murder of her grandmother, Angela Derecas Taylor set out to untangle her family‚Äôs closely guarded secrets, learn about the grandmother she never knew, and come to terms with the… Continue reading Finding Yia Yia

Just a Waitress

[heading subtitle=”Just A Waitress” title=”An Italian Opera”]Raised on deceit, manipulation and fine Italian cuisine… Angela Derecas Taylor’s collection of stories and memories are set in and around her family’s Italian restaurant, founded in 1936 in Greenwich Village. At turns heartwarming and horrifying, comical and catastrophic, Just a Waitress: An Italian Opera introduces four generations of… Continue reading Just a Waitress

At Your Service

[heading subtitle=”At Your Service” title=”An American Dream”]It takes a Greenwich Village A native New Yorker, born into a family of restaurateurs, Angela Derecas Taylor realized at a young age that there was a whole world beyond the boundaries of Manhattan Island. A child of divorce, Angela bounced between the secretive, old-world immigrant ways of her… Continue reading At Your Service